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sometimes i think i do well on a test but then i get it back and see that i got 2/50 



What if prisons let prisoners take their own mug shots?


It’s funny because I never noticed it before but it really does make sense. I’ve looked up to my parents all my life. They are the epitome of love. They been together since they were 15 years old, married for 39 years, had 4 children including myself and made a dream a reality. Their love is what gives me hope for myself in the future. That I’ll find a man like my mom did and fall in love and live happily ever after. But I’ve learned just recently that, what I’ve seen for the past 18 years of my life, isn’t all what I’ve thought it to be. I’ve learned that love is really hard, and sometimes you hold on to things you can’t let go. Past feelings where my mothers been hurt so badly and my dad never cared. It affected them in the long run. And now that everlasting love I thought they had could be fading. “They have issues” my sister said. What issues? I never saw beneath the water, just the tip of the ice burg up until now. It never even occurred to me they had problems. That’s how oblivious I was. I’m just so shocked and hurt that my parents have real life issues and it’s actually not a fairy tale. It destroys me but that the same time I’m relieved. Maybe I can fix this. Maybe I can help. I’m just praying to god that they stick through it and do whatever they do together. Because THATS what married people do.


The day we missed the Sunset. St.Germain du Salembre, France 
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my sister is doing an essay for her finance course about bitcoin and her introduction is basically defining currency and equal payments.

so i told her to add alchemy’s first law of equivalent exchange. she just sent me the essay to look over it and


she fucking did.



Always a good time catching up with my friend Josh and his cat Rumy! #🐈 by bennnnnnnngie

My wife will be in Guatemala on Saturday. My parents in Costa Rica later tonight. Meanwhile, I’ll be in Seattle. On a ferry. Riding solo. by jeftesanchez

Whiteman’s Pond. #greatnorthcollective by davidguenther